BookPod Summary: “Doing It Yourself In The Malaysian Context” by Teddy Chan Dai Loke

This is a book summary of “Doing It Yourself In The Malaysian Context” by Teddy Chan Dai Loke published by Gan Yin Fa Sang in 2012. Feedback welcome –

Selling your Malaysian home by yourself is a huge roller coaster of emotions. It can be fun and exciting the first moment especially when you are selling something as exotic as Horizon Residences KLCC (mostly just the first moment) and extremely frustrating and stressful the next moment (actually, more like towards the end). Oh, and don’t get me started on the wait. That agonizing wait between marketing your house and getting your very first potential customers and that even more agonizing wait of getting an actual serious buyer over the tons of looky lou’s in between can be the best test of patience any human person can ever hope to have. And please, all the technical crap related to selling a home can be a real pain in the neck.

But there is one aspect of it all that can help redefine the level of being grueling of this whole FSBO experience. That, my dear friends, is no less than marketing. How you market your home will define how quickly you can sell your home and how much better you can attract the serious buyers as well as how to effectively shun away looky lou’s without risking jail time. How you effectively market your home, too, helps you sell your house more closely to the ideal price you’re selling it for.

So here are some really great tips about marketing your home effective as a FSBO seller:

  1. Network! You don’t have the network size of a professional real estate agent; what you do have are an intimate circle of family and friends who would be more than willing to be tagged in your Facebook ad about the house, and would gladly help you hand over flyers at the school fair, and would more than willingly tell their other friends who are looking for a house that yours is up for sale. Make the most out of this opportunity to network and branch out your adverts!
  2. Let your house look the part. Your house should look ‘for sale’ right from the outside all the way to the inside. Have a huge sign on your front lawn that says the house is for sale – but don’t let that sign ruin the works you’ve made on your front lawn. Prep up your house with a all the necessary glitz and glamour that homes should have to go through when being opened for showing.
  3. Talk the talk. You know your house full well, so use that very intimate and personal knowledge about the house to convince your buyers about why they should buy the house.
  4. Market aggressively and wherever  and whenever you can. Without having to forgo sticking to your marketing and overall home selling budget, advertise wherever and whenever you can. Post mini-ads on your car, give out streamers, add people on Facebook, get a Newspaper ad, and always update your listing and pair it up with the best visuals to go with it. You need to get your house sold, then you exhaust all means possible. Explore the cheap and free ones especially on the internet, but be very careful especially with sites like Craigslist. Practice good and prudent judgment every time!
  5. Have special offers on the house. What does the house come with? What are the payment options they have? Can they do buy-to-let on the house? Come up with legit and safe gimmicks and make sure you let your potential buyers know about it. This will make your home sale standout from the rest of the home sales around.